Weight Loss With Citrus And Grapefruit


Weight loss with Citrus Fresh and Grapefruit

While I was in Dallas in January listening to Gary Young speak, I took notes of his recipe for weight loss. He said that saturation was the key to weight loss and cancer. He described how the body stores environmental toxins in our fat cells to save them from being deposited in our organs and wreaking havoc.

Toxins saturate the cells with a filmy layer and prevent them from taking in nutrition. This continues a cycle where we grow more fat cells which can store more toxins and we keep getting larger and larger. We aren’t growing more blood veins to carry nutrition to these new outer layers of fat cells, and so we aren’t able to effectively lose weight at the rate we would like. Essential oils digest the filmy layer that saturates the cell wall and the essential oil’s high content of oxygen piggybacks nutrients into the cell.

I recognized most of the oils in his recipe was in the blend named Citrus Fresh. So I ignored his recipe and I bought Citrus Fresh, Grapefruit, Ledum and some capsules. The Citrus Fresh with Ledum breaks up the fat and the Grapefruit by capsule digests the fat. This is what I did according to memory. I am retelling this story a year and a half later. I lost almost three inches in six weeks. (That’s all I had left to lose.) This happened in March/April. Please keep in mind that cellulite is literally toxins being stored in the fat cells.

My experience may happen more quickly for me than for some of you because I have been using natural medicines, clean water, and natural personal care products for years.

My body has not accumulated the type and amount of toxins that most people have. Please be patient if you have more to lose than I did or if it takes you longer because of the type of toxins you are carrying.

Other people have tried to lose inches with Citrus Fresh and Grapefruit without adding the Ledum, or they tried these oils but they diluted them, or they tried using them sparingly. Saturation is the key. Follow this recipe exactly or it won’t work for you.

The first night I put ten drops of Ledum into the bottle of Citrus Fresh. I swallowed two capsules, 10 drops each, of Grapefruit. I dotted the bottle of Citrus Fresh about every inch apart across my hips and rounded belly. I wrapped myself in cellophane and went to bed. About two hours later I needed to pee. (Some of these oils are diuretics.) About two hours after that,

I was awakened with the feeling that something had broken loose. I continued to feel this throughout the night for about four more times. I had to pee about every two hours but returned to sleep quickly after each trip to the bathroom. (Try citrus fresh over the liver for a great night’s happy sleep).

The cellophane was Dr. Young’s recommendation to keep the oils from evaporating and therefore working longer. It made me sweaty so I didn’t wear it anymore after the first night. For the next two weeks, I continued to generously dot the bottle of Citrus Fresh to my hips and belly and take the two capsules of Grapefruit. I noticed that my left hip was larger than the other because I couldn’t reach that side with my right hand. So I stopped putting the Citrus Fresh on the right side until I got the left side evened out. After two weeks, I went to one capsule of Grapefruit a night because I wanted the bottle to last me until the next month when I would order some more. After about the sixth week, I took one capsule every three days for maintenance, and I dotted the Citrus Fresh on about once every week. I became pregnant after that and discontinued both of these oils.

I lost almost three inches in six weeks. My skin firmed up nice and tight. My jawline firmed up where I put the Citrus Fresh. The grapefruit balanced out my hormones, and I began to have a regular menstrual cycle without pain or discomfort. This regimen did cause the cholesterol to come out in the form of acne, but I kept my complexion clean with lemon oil.

I only use Young Living brand essential oils because of their unadulterated purity. Young Living goes through long rigorous processes to guarantee that every bottle exceeds FDA standards and that the essence of every plant is still intact. DON’T internally take oils from another company. They could harm you. My testimony is based on my experience with Young Living oils and their documented science. I don’t trust anyone else.

Nine months after I had my sixth child, I tried this again. The oils sent hormone messages which began my periods again. I had to wait till three months after breastfeeding ended before I could successfully try this again. Except for this time I used Cel-Lite Magic. I cannot attribute my weight-loss to JUST Cel-Lite Magic because I began using Power Meal for breakfast, and began applying parts of Chronobiotic Nutrition (protein before 3 and carbs after 3 with no snacking after dinner). I do attribute ALL of my skin-firming and disappearance of spider veins to Cel-Lite Magic.

I need to continue to take Grapefruit by capsule if I still want pain-free and timely periods as I did during the first weight loss. See my PMS testimony about that. I take one capsule a week. My 14-year-old daughter dots Grapefruit on her abdomen when period-related cramps start. She applies it once the first two days of her period with relief within the first five minutes.

Donna M.
Dallas, Fort Worth

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